Public Early Access v.0901

Quite a few changes from v.0814 (Our devlog actually lives on our Patreon page, so this is just a courtesy update for everyone else in preparation for our public launch)

Changes since v.0814

  • Implement main menu final music.
  • Implemented credits and credit music.
  • + Added patrons to the credits.
  • Implemented placeholder bg sketches.
  • Implemented Splash screen.
  • Changed Lahkhadia's text color.
  • Quality polishing.
  • Implemented Animated Textbox.
  • Fixed minor story errors that were picked up by Beta Testers.
  • Fixed minor typos that were picked up by Beta Testers.
  • Implemented Cephilusk theme music done by Griffiin.
  • Fixed CtC colors for Veera & Mayvheen.
  • More typo fixes.
  • Added a sentence here and there to assist and clarify some parts of the story.
  • Implemented Caba's new background.
  • Minor modification to screen background.
  • Implemented holographic Lahkhadia sprite.
  • minor changes to scene transitions in final branch.
  • Added Caba to credits.
  • Added Icon to game. (ikr?)
  • Implemented new colony backgrounds.

That's about it. Our most up to date channel is definitely Patreon, but the changelogs will eventually trickle down to itch and elsewhere.

Thank you so much for everyone support.

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Aug 31, 2020
InfiniteStars-EarlyAccess_1.0120.0901-linux.tar.bz2 68 MB
Aug 31, 2020 62 MB
Aug 31, 2020

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