Infinite Stars - Itchio Suspension and Redemption

Special thanks to Leaf from itchio for all of his assistance in helping us to restore Infinite Stars! The game can be downloaded again. Thank you to everyone that reached out during this time!

We were recently made aware that Infinite Stars had been suspended on - something that came as a massive surprise to us. After some investigation, we determined that the game had been mistakenly identified as a virus.

To be on the safe side, we immediately scanned our systems to ensure that we weren't inadvertently spreading malware, and our scans confirmed that our computers were clean! Phew!

Not all antiviruses are created equal, and some of the lesser-known ones falsely claimed that Infinite Stars contained a Trojan virus. We were able to determine that it was due to the older version of Ren'Py that was released earlier in January this year. We updated our version of Ren'Py and repackaged the game - solving the issue.

To clarify, for the less techy people amongst us, it was a false positive. Infinite Stars never contained a virus or any malicious code, and the majority of Antiviruses confirmed this. Sometimes a program does something that could potentially be seen as suspicious but is actually harmless. (It's like a few years ago when the police received various reports of shady individuals lurking in public parks. Once they investigated, it turned out they were just enthusiastic Pokemon GO players. They seemed suspicious but were harmless.)

I'm happy to report that thanks to the very friendly itch employees' assistance, everything should be resolved and back to normal by the time you read this.

A happy side note, since we had to recompile the game with a new version of Ren'Py to fix the issue and clear up the misunderstanding, we decided that while we have it, we might as well upload it to itch. While we had to temporarily remove the majority of the content that we aren't ready to release yet, we decided to leave some of it in to give you a taste for what is to come...


  • Fixed Raymond's blush/cheeks to a more neutral color.
  • Implemented the first content from episode 3.
  • >Temporarily removed the first content from episode 3.<
  • Added Mah'Abeu intro/customization scenes before Episode 1 & 2 respectively.
  • Typo fixes for Episode 1 & 2 (Can't believe we're still finding these.)
  • Added new patrons to the credits! (Woo!)
  • Updated Tabitha's AI sprites slightly.
  • Started coding relationship tracking for the MC and other characters.

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Feb 18, 2021
InfiniteStars-Early_Access_1.0221.0218-linux.tar.bz2 99 MB
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Feb 18, 2021

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