Revamping the Patreon Tiers

With Episode 3 being in the final stretch for completion, I've been looking at what I can do "better" going forward.

One of the things I've identified is the Patreon Tiers, and I'd love (absolutely LOVE!) to hear your thoughts and input as patrons and followers.

The tiers are due for a revamp, and I've been looking at them whenever I'm not working on Episode 3. I'd like to add value with the revamp instead of just shuffling value around. This means I might consider dropping a specific benefit to a lower tier but never bumping a specific benefit to a higher tier. At the same time, I suspect some benefits aren't really that valuable (I'm looking at the access to game sprites benefit!), and they could theoretically be dropped without disappointing anyone. Other benefits have been neglected by me (The lore posts are a good example) in favour of spending time developing.

So let's start a discussion. As an existing Patron, what benefits are the most important to you? As a follower, what benefits would possibly entice you to convert to a Patron? What benefits are great in general? Which ones are meh? What benefits aren't being offered that you would like to see?

Here is a list of the current benefits spread out over the different tiers:

  • Work-in-Progress posts.
  • The "inner circle" Discord channel.
  • Early access to game builds
  • Access to our game sprites.
  • Access to our lore posts.
  • Access to polls that shape the future of the game.
  • Android build of the game.
  • Access to our NSFW game sprites.
  • Access to our game music.
  • Access to our flash fiction posts.
  • Access to our PSD sprite files.
  • Be in the game credits with a special thank you.
  • You get to request a new character or new pose for an existing character.

At the same time, here are some benefits that will likely be added to the mix:

  • Custom Mah'Abue avatar drawn for your character profile (Captain+ or Admiral tier due to costs.)
  • Adding extra NSFW content to the Patreon build. (Likely on the ensign+ tier, possibly on the lieutenant+ tier. After some expert consultation, most/all of the NSFW content will probably be excluded from the public builds on itch and other stores.)
  • Livestream coding/writing sessions with patron input. (We did one of these a while ago, and it was a lot of fun coding while all of you gave ideas on available Mah'Abue responses etc. Might just make this public/open to anyone.)

This is a 2-part post, with this post asking for your opinion on what you like and dislike or even miss when looking at the benefits. Once we've had a conversation, I'll do a second post with an actual poll to "measure" the "value" of the benefits.

I know it's a bit "different" or even cheeky asking this from all of you, but then again, I've never been one to do things the "normal" way. Besides, if everyone did everything exactly the same, there wouldn't be any innovation, ever.

Let me know on Discord or in the comments! Even if it's just to say that you are happy with how things are. <3

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Nothing wrong with straight up asking your audience, how else would you know what we really want? Many game studios get told, but reject players wishes. You are out there taking notes.

Personally, for me to join patreon I'd like be able to participate in polls of events/scenarios that could be added to the game, seeing more of the art process and game creation process (how each character was created, what prompts were given to the artist, what were other iterations of the characters that weren't chosen, etc). Basically stuff I wouldn't be able to get otherwise, even after the game launched... the bts, helping shape the game, the how it's done...


the only reward needed for me is that you continue to create this game, maybe a little more lore, the meaning of words etc ... a kind of in-game encyclopedia