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Hi everyone, I wanted to post a quick update to itch on what's happening with Episode 2. Most of our updates happen on patreon and they tend to be more in-depth. Generally they include screenshots, polls  or other additional tidbits of information. Coincidentally if you want to be in the game credits, you still have some time as we're still adding all patrons to our credits as early supporters until we launch Episode 2. Also it won't hurst snagging some of the additional artwork and other goodies on patreon while you support the development!

Work has been continuing steadily the past 2 months, and we're getting closer to releasing Episode 2 (along with some additional polish to Episode 1)

All of the story for Episode 2 has been written, and most of it has been coded in. Almost all of our character art have been completed. Even our gorgeous new backgrounds are almost done. Our music tracks have been progressing, and our following is growing.

As for actual changes to the latest devbuild (not yet released):

  • Added new character art - Lochem.
  • Added new character art - Raymond.
  • Added new character art - Kiaria.
  • Added new character art - Veera Armored.
  • Added memories of earth track.
  • Added personal quarters BG.
  • Added placeholder BG for: Corridor, Bridge, Medbay.
  • Added SFX for door to Episode 1 & 2.
  • Added CtC for Lahkhadia, Raymond, Lochem and Kiaria.
  • Implemented Veera's armor in Episode 1.
  • Replaced profanities with Mushkaraq equals.
  • Implemented new Drop Drone background.
  • Removed Ava from credits. (no longer using her artwork)
  • Added new Patrons to credits.
  • Added packing scene BG for Drop Drone.
  • Added Story content for episode 2. (9 of 12 scenes done)
  • Added pauses for all content added thus far.
  • Added facial expressions for all content added thus far.

There is still a bit more work to be done, but the most of it is behind us! Thank you for everyone that sent messages of encouragement and other forms of support! We even received our first fanfiction which made us giddy with excitement! We can't wait to share Episode 2 with everyone!

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