Episode 2 - Out of Patron-Only access

Happy 2021 everyone!

I trust you are as excited about what we’ll achieve with Infinite Stars in the new year as we are!

We took a well-deserved break after Christmas, and we’re slowly spinning back up to our regular work schedule. Even though I was on break, I did tinker with some side projects where I learned some new coding techniques that I’m eager to implement in Infinite Stars going forward.

Our Patrons have had the opportunity to play the second episode a while back, and it’s finally time for everyone else to also play it. I don’t want to say too much out of fear of overhyping the story, but the feedback has been excellent so far.

I can’t thank our patrons enough for making Infinite Stars a possibility, and I sincerely hope that we will continue to surprise and entertain you! Thank you!

Episode 2 is now live and pay what you want on itch.io! Remember to hit the follow button to never miss a release. We’d also appreciate it if you signed up to our growing mailing list where we occasionally send cool, exclusive Infinite Stars goodies.


InfiniteStars-Early_Access_1.0221.0104-win.zip 113 MB
Jan 04, 2021
InfiniteStars-Early_Access_1.0221.0104-linux.tar.bz2 100 MB
Jan 04, 2021
InfiniteStars-Early_Access_1.0221.0104-mac.zip 93 MB
Jan 04, 2021

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Deleted 1 year ago

That can't be right. I'm checking it out now.

(1 edit)


It seems some AV's are detecting it as malicious, but the majority isn't. (And the ones that are detecting it as a Trojan can't seem to agree which Trojan it is.)

It might be a false positive. This build was compiled with the newest release of Ren'Py so I wonder if a bug slipped in. To be on the safe side I'll run a few more tests, just to make sure my system isn't infected.

OK, I did a few more tests and rescanned my system just incase, and I'm sure it's just a false positive.

Anyone else is welcome to chime in and confirm after they've done some testing!