Dev Update 2021-03-26

Some good and bad news! Good news is my day job has had a very busy week that yielded some extra income that will be pushed into the Infinite Stars project. (We've commissioned and paid for another 17 character sprites with their expressions that will be delivered in drips going forward.)

Bad news is I didn't have too much time to work on Infinite Stars. I did however manage to approve the finalized art for the new character Lebeny who is in control of the Aeroponics section on the UIC Tabitha.

I also managed to work on some dynamic content for the new scenes. This has made me reconsider a few things on how the story in Infinite Stars is being told. I'll share more of my thoughts in a Poll this coming Sunday - maybe head on over to our Patreon and hit follow (you don't need to pledge an amount to be a follower) as there are more  than dev updates happening there.

Lastly our marketing efforts seem to be paying off. It does take some time every week but the results are speaking for themselves.

EDIT: If you haven't voted yet in last weeks public poll, you should do so now! Time is running out!

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