Dev Update 2021-06-18

I'm pretty proud of the progress we've made these past two weeks.

Those close to me will know that we've had to scrap some of the script we wrote several months back. It was disheartening, but the project is better off for it. The good news is in the last two weeks, I've made up for the lost progress, and I'm now comfortable sharing some dates with everyone.

The next installment will launch on September 1st, on the anniversary date for the first episode. It's going to take a little crunch from my side to meet the deadline, but it will be worth the sacrifice.

Now that we have a date in place, I wanted to share the roadmap:

  • End of June - Complete script.
  • Whole of July - Editing, adding more, minor random events, and the majority of coding remaining.
  • Beginning of August - Early Access and spend the month polishing the game.
  • September 1st - Launch Day.

I want to thank everyone for their patience. Game design is challenging at the best of times. Even more so if you work "alone" - That said, it's rewarding to see your creations come to life, and the community has been stellar in motivating me while keeping me accountable.

As for the actual work done:

  • Worked on new GUI/Main Menu. (I REALLY like how it is looking so far.)
  • Improved on the Textbox GUI. (I'm much happier with this iteration, and while there is still room for improvement, it is acceptable.)
  • Wrote roughly half an episode worth of content. (!!)
  • Commissioned a new audio track for the opening scene.

Assets that are commissioned but still outstanding:

  • We have a total of 8 characters paid for that are still outstanding. (We don't need these for the next installment - so there is no need to panic!)
  • We have a total of 4 backgrounds paid for that are still outstanding. (We will need these for the next installment, possibly adding two more if time allows - minor panic!!)
  • We have a total of 1 audio track that is unpaid right now that we commissioned this week. As the script is gets finished, we'll add more tracks.

Thank you for reading the wall of text. As a reward, you can see some concept sketches of the Sentinels from Episode 1. Just scroll down.

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