Dev Update 2021-08-12

Another action-packed week filled with Infinite Stars progress!

I've been putting off creating the navigation menu since earlier this year, but I finally sat down and coded it. It works, and my relief is unmeasurable. It was much easier than I anticipated, and I'll be the first to admit that my method was somewhat unorthodox when it came to hacking it together. I won't apologize.  :P I didn't want to spend too much time on it, since I'm 80% sure the button look and feel will change down the line.

You can watch the short videoclip showcasing the navigation functionality as well as a short piece of audio from one of the many new tracks created by Saeed.

It even has quirky chirping and bzzurping noises when you interact with it! It still lacks some logic, as I haven't started coding the story controller yet, but for now, you can navigate to Aeroponics, MedSec, or Engineering. The bridge and personal quarters will probably be added in the next weekly release. I should also have the story controller implemented by then.

I've also removed the quick menu at the bottom of the page and replaced it with a tiny menu triangle on the bottom right. I'll probably have a quick tutorial image at the start of the game, just pointing it out else it might be hard to notice if you don't know it's there.

You've found Matthias, but can you spot the tiny menu triangle? Bonus points if you can read the status bar at the top!

Other than that, I've been doing some final editing on the newly implemented scenes, and I think I've found a good spot to aim for when releasing the public version beginning of September. This will mean that we'll have a few more weekly updates to the public version until the entirety of Episode 3 is crammed in.

I'll also slowly start shifting my attention to marketing posts on social media in the coming week, releasing more asset packs, sharing screenshots and maybe doing a short video again if time allows.

Patrons can try the latest WiP dev build for PC/Linux/Mac/Android if they like. Don't load your old saves, and don't expect any newly created saves to continue working. I do encourage you to play around with the navigation menu. It's very satisfying :)

And now, bravely onward to the actual dev build notes:

Version .08.12 (Patreon Build - Public Release coming in September.)

Implemented the navigation menu

  • added story for Aeroponics day0
  • added story for Engineering day0
  • added story for Med-Sec day0

Removed QuickMenu at the bottom of the screen

Added new menu button to the bottom right of the screen

Added new Status window at top left to show version # and Patron Status

Changed GUI font (why haven't I done this sooner??)

Bugfix on Navigation Menu

Added colors for Flirt|Friendship|Positive|Negative relationship indicators

Added new character to game files:

  • Lebeny
  • Reyna
  • Matthias

Added correct text colors for Khalil and Lebeny

Updated other character text colors

Added new ctc's for khalil, lebeny, narrator, player character

Implemented pauses and expressions for Aeroponics Day0

Implemented pauses and expressions for Engineering Day0

Implemented pauses and expressions for Med-Sec Day0

Added hover SFX and activate SFX for buttons

Added "time of day" indicator on nav screen

//still need to connect it to the game logic

Added a random character to the main menu (randomly selected from a pool of 3 for now)

//need to add some logic to the navigation menu

//need to implement some more logic to game flow

That's it for this week! I'm off to start working on the next batch of updates for all of you! If you aren't a Patron yet why don't you check out our subscription tiers, while Khalil checks you out.

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