Dev Update 2021-09-10

Friday Devlog! ::whoop whoop::

(You can read this Dev Update on Patreon with a bonus piece of Fanart done by Gibbles!)

As promised, we're releasing the next batch of weekly content today.

While success is certainly relative, I feel we have had an incredibly successful launch for the one-year release. All of our measured metrics have more than doubled in the past week! And with the influx of new Patrons, we smashed the "viability" goal. I hope all of you have been enjoying Infinite Stars because it seems like we're here to stay! (we were going to stay regardless <3)

I'm not going to lie. Pushing this week's content has been stressful, and I feel a little rushed and "deurmekaar." In the future, I might give myself an extra week between the releases where needed.

As for the changelog:

  • Added Hehlumnabia's sprites to the game.
  • Added Hehlumnabia's ctc.
  • Added dress/undress sfx.
  • Added walking ambiance sfx.
  • Inversed the existing "bounce" transform.
  • Added walking "bob" transform (disabled it again for now)
  • Added nod transform. (a slight bob)
  • Added a slight shake transform.
  • Added tracker to MC stats for Patience and Bravery.
  • Added & Coded the next batch of the story to script. (This is a short one.)
  • Added new patrons (Commanders+) to the credits.


Infinite Stars - Windows 1.0321.0909 136 MB
Sep 10, 2021
Infinite Stars - Mac 1.0321.0909 119 MB
Sep 10, 2021
Infinite Stars - Linux 1.0321.0909 125 MB
Sep 10, 2021

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