DEv Update 2021-10-17

Dev Update time! (It's a little late, I know)

As you have probably figured out by now, my day job has been keeping me busier than usual again, but I've still been able to carve out some time for Infinite Stars.

Saeed did a great job with Kiaria's theme, and it's been implemented in the game.

I've been working on getting the next Aeroponics scene finished. I originally wanted to release it with the next MedSec scene, but it was a little too long and took more time than I had originally estimated.

I've decided to push the release with just the aeroponics scene, so it will only be available on Patreon until I add a few more scenes. (You can grab the download from this Patreon post)

I don't recommend saving, as it will bug your save game once the other scenes are introduced. (Also, it will automatically overwrite your autosaves, so make sure you have a manual save BEFORE downloading/playing the new content.)

As for the actual changelog:

  • Added all the new patrons to the game credits (I love all of you!!)
  • Added Kiaria's theme to the game.
  • Fixed pixel-bleed on Lebeny's portrait.
  • Added a chunk of aeroponics content with a bunch of character-shaping choices. (About 4K words, the same length as some of the short visual novels.)

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