Dev Update 2021-12-03

Another productive week!

The Agile implementation has helped, and our first sprint is ending today. There is a lot of room for improvement, so I'm looking forward to our retrospective.

We have an additional writer helping out (I'll do an entire post about this soonish), which is fantastic (AaaaAH!! :D - No longer forever alone!!), and I'm still unofficially looking for some more help.

We should have a chunk of content ready for everyone next week at the current velocity. Caba has been extremely busy with critical responsibilities, but we should be getting our next batch of new Backgrounds later this month once his schedule frees up a little. I still owe Zaph instructions for the next set of drawings, so that's on me. 

We also haven't received any entries (yet) for our Festive Fun event. So theoretically, if someone took five minutes to scribble a drawing or write a very short story, they would be the front runner for the $100 in prizes. I am just saying.

As for the actual dev progress:

  • Implemented Jira and started building the work environment.
  • Started documenting the backlog for future sprints.
  • We have four scenes in the current sprint and one logic/coding task. We'll be finishing at least half of these today, completing the rest within another day. Yay, retrospective feedback!

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