Dev Update 2021-12-10

Time is flying by! Another week. That means there are only ten days left to get your fan art and fan fiction stories submitted for the $100 Festive Fun giveaway!

Agile has been a tremendous boon to the development team, and we've only started scratching the surface.

As is tradition, I like to share some personal tidbits about my week during these Dev Updates. This week was mostly a workweek, with very few personal things happening, but I did find an African Death Moth caterpillar in my garden and shared some pictures of the majestic little bug on our Discord server. Who knew worms could look so pretty!?

On the dev side, we finished the first scene of the "next day," which introduces some more tension to the story. The following three scenes are also in various states of completion, so the wait shouldn't be too long. We're pushing the current release to patrons only, but it should become public in a week or two. A quick estimation while looking at the remaining script is that we're about 2/3 done with the 3rd episode. While I enjoy working on the current episode, I want to get it done so we can start implementing some features I'm excited about.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic December so far! Stay safe, stay healthy and get some rest!


  • Added 2.5K words of additional content, split over several branches based on previous and new decisions.
  • Added a new tint screen effect for devs to use.
  • Added a new variable to track how prone your Mah'Abeu is to swearing in Mushkaraq.
  • Fixed a graphic issue on the main menu that wasn't detectable on my old laptop.
  • Added a BUNCH of new patrons to the credits. <3

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