Dev Update 2022-01-07

Hey everyone, Happy new year!

I'm still unofficially taking a break until Monday to decompress and spend time with my partner and family, but I did get some writing done between the last devlog and now.

We're currently working on Kiaria's next scene that will allude to her and Khalil's past. It also sets the stage for the next phase, where players have to choose to "reach out" to one of the crew members to form a stronger bond.

We have some other exciting announcements that will follow shortly, but I'm waiting for the proverbial eggs to hatch before saying anything more.

Unrelated to the above, we've entered Infinite Stars to the upcoming Steam festival, and we need to have a playable "demo" build on Steam by the end of February. If you haven't added it to your wishlist yet, please do so! will still be the central distribution platform for Infinite Stars until we re-evaluate this in Q4 of 2022.

As for the devlog:

  • We've written about 4K words on Kiaria's next scene, with decisions and text variables depending on previous choices, and I estimate this to increase to the 6K word mark before it gets coded.
  • We've also been doing tons of work in the background for the [redacted] announcements. I'm excited to share more about this soon!

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