Dev Update 2022-01-29

It's Friday (OK, it's Saturday. I tried my best to get this post out yesterday, but life happened. Pretend with me. Happy Friday.)

I was hoping to release the content batch for Patron's yesterday. Unfortunately, my day job had different plans. I did manage to get around 7 hours of coding done yesterday (Today. If were are still pretending it's Friday.)

Regardless, patrons should have access to it by Monday at the latest. The public release will have to wait a bit until we've finished 2 more scenes, as the patron version will still be breaking your save games. It's intended to be played as a sneak peek.

I'm pretty excited about Kiaria's upcoming scene. I feel it has some decent writing and character development, delving a bit more into Kiaria's psyche and hinting at Khalil's past.

Project Herald also saw great progress with another character and background handed off as done.

On the coding side:

  • I've added another 800+ lines of script with some interesting branching choices.
  • Fixed an issue where relationship caps weren't working as intended.
  • Increased max stats to 10 from 5 to pave the road for the new character stat screen we're working on.
  • I added some new sound effects.
  • Added a new approach to handling the "not interested" option in-game. It still has some work, but once done, you won't be seeing any romantic options for the said character if you aren't interested in them.

Have a fantastic Saturday (Friday), and thanks for all the kind words and DM's all of you have been sending!

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