Dev Update 2022-02-04

Friday! Friday! Friday!

On the personal side, I survived my dentist appointment that I've been dreading all week. There was much less blood spraying everywhere than I imagined there would be. (Zero blood was sprayed to the relief of the dentist, her assistant and most importantly, myself.)

The patron release was well received, and I've been working on Lebeny's scene, which is almost done. After that, Matthias is up next. That means we'll have a new public release for everyone later in February!

:: Exited noises and finger guns, accidentally scaring Dobby ::

I also did a quick poll about doing some live streams on Discord while I write and code, and it turns out that most of you would be happy to watch me as I write. I'll be honest. It wasn't the response I was expecting, and now I have to schedule a live writing/coding session. We can turn it into a Q&A for added entertainment value. I can't imagine people sticking around otherwise.

In other news, after nearly two years and 11K downloads, I've had to issue my first ever refund for Infinite Stars. There's a lesson in that. No matter how hard you try, you can't please everyone. Also, Project Herald (Our secret Patron Project) is making good progress, and I'll share some more details later in the week.

That's it for me! Have a fantastic weekend!

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I hate "I didn't like the game I played so give me my money back" people. Same for movies. Like who cares if you didn't like it? You still paid to experience it! So entitled....