We lost our unborn child last week.

It's been surreal. Much like when I learned we were expecting.

Needless to say, I haven't worked on Infinite Stars since receiving the news. I will refund any patrons that reach out to me asking for a refund. No questions asked. Just reach out.

I'm taking a break for another week or two to mourn with my wife. Work will continue once my head clears.

Thank you for your patience and for your understanding.

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I am so sorry. v_v 

Take all the time you need. *hugs to you and your wife*


My deepest condolences. And please   take all the time you need.


Very sorry to hear of you and your wife's loss. My deepest condolences. Take time to grieve and be with your wife. Stay strong and all the best. <3


I'll pray for you and your wife, please take all the time you need for your family to mourn  and deal with the loss.


Can't imagine how awful that is to go through. I hope you're both able to get as much time as you need to process and try to heal from this. Thoughts with the both of you.


Take all the time you need to heal. My heart goes out to you both


My deepest condolences.


Take all the time the two of you need.


I'll pray for you and your wife, please take all the time you need for your family to mourn  and deal with the loss.


Mourning with you & praying for you.  Give your grief  the time it needs---but remember, this is a big loss, but not *the end.* 

God be with you.    (might read Job----imagine loosing *10* kids like he did!)

Just like in "Infinite Stars" your life isn't over, more is still waiting to be written.  (crying for you as I write this!)

Just  an idea   ----but maybe somehow you can use this in the story?     Life would be much less interesting if nothing bad ever happened...     (take some time, heal 1st if you need to.)
Many have used bad things in their lives, to do *GOOD* things!   Music, poems, stories, etc...

Bad to ignore grief, pain---but it *CAN* be channeled, used.


Just yesterday I heard that Anton Petrov, a science youtuber, suffered the same fate. Having no kids, I have no idea all I can say, I’m sorry for both of you.

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Sorry for your loss. Take your time for yourself and your wife. Not saying it's easy on you, but from what i heard it may be worse for her - feelings of guilt and stuff, even if most of the time it's without a reason.


Oh, that's truly devastating news. Please take your time to mourn and give a place to your grief.


I wish I had the words to ease your pain.

It hurts me when I see others hurting.

I hope blessings and prosperity await you and your wife.

I hope a light exists at the end of this dark tunnel.

There’s one thing you should know though, and I mean this sincerely.

Your unborn child has already made a significant impact on this world, for as I read this post it reminds me not to take a single day for granted, a single moment, for you never know when it will be the last.

I hope that I may honor the memory of your child by respecting these precious moments.

I hope that when I complain about petty difficulties that I remember what a blessing it is to just be alive, to breathe, to laugh, to remember, to love, to forgive, to live and to learn.

I am grateful to your unborn child. May they rest in peace.