Dev Update 2022-04-08

t's Friday, and I haven't done one of these in a while.

We'll skip the usual personal update if that's OK. OK.

I've been writing a lot more. I'm still having some struggles writing Matthias, as I just can't get into his head at the moment. I've also been polishing some of Lochem's upcoming content that I'm excited to include in the next release.

Caba has been a little hard to reach (It happens sometimes, nothing to be concerned about.) But he has been working on the new corridor BG to replace some of those blank black screen BG's in the corridor. He'll also be working on our Mess Hall/Bar and Ship Gym next.

Here is a work in progress/teaser image of the new corridor we're working on:

At the same time, Zaph has been trying to make time for our characters, specifically their underwear outfits, and if all goes well this weekend, I should have something to share next week!

Thank you for everyone's patience with me, for reaching out to me, and for being awesome human beings in general. I appreciate all of you. <3

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I like the wip picture so far! I like that the tubes look like they have heft!