Dev Update 2022-05-06

::Excited Friday Noises::

We did it. We're survivors. We made it through another week! And as a reward, you get a devlog update. (It might not be the reward you want or deserve, but it's the reward you are getting.)

My personal life has been OK. I secretly turned a year older last month. Dobson is entering his second winter and hates getting up in the morning. We leave him to sleep in while we start working to pay for all his treats. I've been spending some weekend time with family, and I'm slowly chipping away at my day job responsibilities.

Now, for the reason you actually clicked on this post. Infinite Stars. I took half a day to replay the content from Episode 3 to get a refresher. It sounds silly, but when working on each story segment in isolation, it's easy to miss the forest for the trees. It was great to refresh my view of the game. I also fixed some minor flow issues, added some more flavour choices and fixed some more typos.

I've done lots of writing this week. Lots. I also realised I've grossly misjudged the work it would take to finish the current episode, and that's even before the… You know. Everything that happened. I look back at some of the words I've uttered, like "weekly updates", and I'm almost too ashamed to show my face around here. While I can't wait to wrap up the current episode finally, it's not because I'm getting tired of working on it. I just want to get it done so we can get to all the other juicy bits we've been planning for over a year. Player created stories. Free exploration. Shorter, micro-content releases. I'm super excited about all of that.

Lastly, with all the writing that has been happening, I've also been working on some of the various steamy, kinky and, quite frankly, explicit scenes involving the Tabitha crew. We're all adults here. I hope it will tease and titillate unless you are a minor. Then it just teases and fades to black. (Should you really be playing games with adult content as a minor?) I can't enforce it, but I can prevent minors and those of us who are more gentle in nature from running into sudden sexy surprise smut. I've given the solution a lot of thought, and explicit content will be turned off by default and will have to be turned on in the settings. While there is definitely some character insight and development during the smut scenes, it's also written in such a way that skipping it won't leave you confused or missing any major plot points. Players who are unaware of the setting will be able to go through the whole game with a few fade to black scenes without even knowing they missed anything.

Lastly, our Discord server has been growing slowly. If you'd like to be more involved in shaping the game, come join us! Right now, we're asking for everyone to share a scene from the game that annoyed them, felt boring or just made your eyes roll so we can fix it for the Steam release. Also, once we reach 500 members, we can apply to become an actual community server - we're still a way off but getting there. So come join the server, say hi, and meet more Infinite Star fans. (As a bonus, you'll get to see some photos of Dobby the House Iggy and other pets owned by fans.) What are you waiting for?

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Lastly, I'd like to apologize for using two lastly's. Or is it three now? Technically it's four.

"I can't enforce it, but I can prevent minors and those of us who are more gentle in nature from running into sudden sexy surprise smut."

Under a misunderstanding and under the effect of surprise, one can appreciate. ;) Above all take your time .... looks like Dobby found a sock to chew :p