Dev Update 2022-05-13

Dumm Dun Dun Dumm– Tss! FRIDAY!

That means another devlog! ::does a poorly executed wiggle dance::

As usual, it's been a busy week. I've continued writing and editing the upcoming content, and I've been sourcing music and sound effects (A hint of what is still to come: I've found some magnetic boots and breathing sound effects.)

I've even been learning some new techniques when it comes to coding screens for Infinite Stars, so that's exciting!

I've also been spending a little time with our secret commercial project, coding some parallax backgrounds. (Codenamed Project Herald for those of you who don't follow these updates religiously) The project had some hiccups with our lead character artist having to quit due to life circumstances, but I think we've found a lovely new artist.

A little Teaser Image from Project Herald (left is new artist, right is old artist):

And a short teaser that intentionally doesn't say too much:

It's been two decades since last the dunes wept, and all that remains of the shallow sea is a desert of fine, windswept black sand infused with precious metals. Water may be life, but the sand is livelihood, filled with prosperity, there for anyone to sift it.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Stay safe! Stay sane! And have fun!

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