Devlog 2022-07-22


I'm still here. I'm still working on Infinite Stars and Draegan Herald.

We had our second miscarriage, so I've been dealing with that. Last time I took a few weeks off to process and grieve, and while it helped, it broke all my momentum and lost me a few opportunities. (I lost the opportunity to be interviewed by VNGameDen after they listed Infinite Stars as one of the most anticipated Otomes for 2022, and I missed out on working with the fantastic and very talented Artsy Ruthless on a cute, short Otome game. This was all on me, and they carry no blame whatsoever.)

This time I'm thinking of just powering through it all. I have the September release to think of, and I've done so much work and preparation to secure marketing opportunities with other devs and their communities.

It's still very raw and fresh, so I don't really know how I feel or if my plan to bury my head in work will help. Here's hoping.

Oh, and Dobby had surgery to have his teeth cleaned. All went well. He was a bit wonky from the anaesthesia and spent a whole day on the bed, whimpering for no apparent reason... (Like one does when getting anaesthesia. I don't know how all of you handle it, but I get super weepy when waking up from an operation.)

With that out of the way, I've been working with Soki on the UI's for Infinite Stars and Draegan Herald. They look fantastic. I've already received the final UI for Dreagan Herald, and I'm waiting on the delivery for Infinite Stars before I can continue coding. While I wait, I'm busy coding.

(I've shared these images on Discord before.)

We also have enough funds set aside to commission the casualwear outfits for all of the Infinite Stars characters. I just need to write up the design briefs. I've made a few false starts thus far, but the artist is anxiously waiting to start.

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Take your time man, family comes first. Take care yourself always, stay safe!


Love and well-wishes from Australia. 🫂


Sending all the love to you and your family. Do whatever helps get you through this time the best - sometimes it's taking time away and sometimes is the opposite. Neither's wrong as long as it helps you all through.

Good to see progress on the game is coming along well, though. Best of luck with the summer ahead! 


While I wait, I'm busy writing, not coding. Bhlergh.