Devlog 2022-08-05

Legend has it that the ancient ones that came before us lived their whole lives around one particular day. They called this day Friday; even in modern times, we honour those before us by living for Fridays.

Oh, and it's also devlog day. Yay! You decide which is more important.

I missed the devlog last week, mostly because I was spending some time with family. I try to do them weekly (You can check my post history, I'm pretty consistent!), but sometimes things happen.

I've been working hard on Infinite Stars. We're at the point where I need to write two more scenes and polish another 14 scenes (roughly) before Episode 3 concludes. All of this needs to happen before 1 September. Taking this into account, I will very likely pause the Patreon for Draegan Herald this month since Infinite Stars is taking all of my available time.

We got the fantastic new UI from Soki. It took a whole day to create the additional assets and merge the code, but it's done.

I also edited and coded another 4.5K words (almost half the length of episode 1), which I believe players will enjoy. It's a bit different from the usual but allows you to express your creativity. It's also split over several branches– Actually, I'll leave it for you to discover in the new Patreon Build that will be dropping soon.

I got some sketches for the new Tabitha gym from "Stoffies", which we also hope to finalize soon.

I'm off to compile the new Patreon Build, and might take a well-deserved break for a few hours afterwards.

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Really excited for the next episode! I will be waiting for public release.


Really excited for the next episode!!!