Devlog 2022-08-26

It's Sunday!

It should be Friday, though. That would've meant two more days of weekend!

I'm healthy and busy again. I caught up with some old friends, which warmed my heart. I was planning on working a lot more over this weekend, which sadly could not happen.

I also made good progress with Infinite Stars. I have three edited scenes ready to go into coding, adding another rough 5K words to the game. These scenes include another split to deal with the consequences of your choices made during the latest Patreon release. It also drives the tension forward, paving the road for the climax and resolution of the episode. (Remember the good old days when a whole episode was 10K words? Yup. If we stuck to that, we would've been on Episode 6 or 7 by now.)

The various intimate scenes are shaping up nicely, with Khalil's being nearly done. I don't want to rush these, as I don't want them to feel tacky or implemented as an afterthought. I'm also overly critical of these scenes, complicating things further.

I get excited when rereading some of the bits and pieces of the content still coming to this release. I think I managed to get the tension just right, and I hope all of you will agree with me (but most importantly– enjoy the content.)

We're still set to release the full episode in early September. (Though the 1st might be a stretch.)

Enjoy what's left of the weekend! <3

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I haven't been here for long and not actively following the progress, but boy am I glad to hear life is getting a bit easier for you! 

Additionally: Your work is incredible and I can't wait to play more! Some of those lines really hit home here. "You can't love someone without fully understanding them, and you can't fully understand someone without loving them."