Devlog 2022-09-16

Psssst! Hey, you! It's Friday!

That means devlogs! ::punch the sky dance::

First off, you need to join Discord. Why? Because.

Because I'll be doing a live stream coding session tonight on Discord at 18:30(ish) GMT+2 (Converted for those who shy away at doing timezone mathemagics)

Come hang out in voice chat, ask questions, watch me code and maybe even help me with adding words and choices to the game. Last time was a lot of fun, and I'm trusting tonight will be the same. Obviously, there will be spoilers, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum. I fully expect at least one of you to show up. Alternatively, it'll just be me coding in an empty channel to the sound of lonely alcohol noises.

On the progress side, Stoffies has been working on the next two concept pieces, and I've continued to write, edit and rewrite. The end is so close I can taste it.

Hope to see you tonight!

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