Devlog 2022-09-20

Hey! Alas, it is not Friday, but you're still getting a dev update regardless.

Our live stream was a success, with many of you dialling in to watch me code. Lots of viewer input resulted in some minor changes to the dialogue. I love asking, "How would you react in this situation?" during the stream and implementing your responses!

Despite the many, many, MANY challenges, I've been making progress.

South Africa has an energy crisis that has been ongoing for a few years, but the last week has been incredibly challenging. I have electricity from 8:30 until 14:00 today. Yesterday was similar, where I had electricity from 10:30 until 16:00. It's predicted to continue like this for a few more days.

I have to split my available "electricity" time between my day job and Infinite Stars. I'm fortunate enough to have a laptop and a backup battery system for the internet, but the batteries aren't recharging fast enough or lasting long enough to cover the entire "blackout" section of the day.

It has been having an impact on my productivity, both time-wise and mentally, but I'm making the best of a bad situation. I'm not complaining (complaining never fixes anything) or making excuses (I've survived worse, and my circumstances do not define me or limit my potential.)

We're still set for a September release. There is a ton of gameplay on the Patreon branch that most of you haven't played yet, and I'm making the most of my "electricity" time to expand that even further for the public release.

Keep an eye out on Discord for any "short notice" live stream sessions while I continue to code!

Lots of love from a dimly lit laptop screen in South Africa. <3

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Are there no solar panels to charge your laptop battery or too expensive ?


I've wished I could install solar panels more often than I'd care to mention, but they are expensive. The other, bigger issue is that I wouldn't have anywhere to mount them. (We don't have a traditional roof, and our garden area wouldn't work.)

Life goes on, though! <3 I'm charging my laptop whenever we have electricity. It's fine(ish) when we don't have power for multiple 2.5-hour slots, but it does become an issue when the slots are extended to multiple 5-hour slots each, as my battery only lasts around 2 hours.