Devlog 2022-09-23

Friday! Friday! Friday! :D

So the power issues are still an issue, but I'm powering through it. I'm working from the loveliest little herb garden cafe/coffee shop on a shared 3G connection as I type this. (Shared some photos on the #Dev-Life Patreon discord channel.)

Despite everything, Infinite Stars' progress has been doing great. I did a five-hour-long coding live stream, followed by a quick break and another hour's writing live stream. I've also been live-streaming my writing this morning for the past two hours, and I'm taking a break right now to eat some breakfast and update all of you.

We wrote some steamy kissing scenes yesterday, and we're working on the climax/tension scene this morning.

We're still on track for a September release!

If you are bored at work, can't sleep or are just super hyped to see some new content, come hop into the Discord server and join the text chat while I write! Who knows, some of your suggestions might make it into the final game! (I shouldn't have to say this, but there will obviously be spoilers.)

Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy your weekend!

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Deleted 60 days ago

No worries, I understand where you are coming from!

The release I'm working on right now will be a public one. <3