Devlog 2022-10-03

It's Monday instead of Friday. I would have felt a bit bluer if I didn't love working on Infinite Stars so much.

So much has happened in such a short amount of time that I needed to break the tradition of posting updates on Fridays only.

To all our new Patrons, welcome! Just know that each and every one of you are celebrated! I've been working on Infinite Stars for over two years now, and I still do a silly little excited dance whenever anyone new signs up! (My wife claims she is unamused by the enthusiastic dancing, but I know she secretly adores it!)

The Steam launch has been going well. It's only been three days, and we've reached about 1/4 of the total downloads compared to itch over two years.

We've been squashing a lot of bugs and fixing a ton of typos. We'll also be updating the build on itchio and other distribution channels during this week. (Yay, mac users! <3)

Thanks to the dev streams on Discord, we're getting ready to drop another large batch of content soon. (If you haven't dropped in yet, you should! It's great fun writing the content and getting input from the audience about how your Mah'Abeu's would react in the given situations.)

The next batch of content will have some Patreon Exclusive scenes. If you're not a Patron, don't stress. These scenes are meant to add to the game without compromising the story if they are skipped. You can still enjoy a perfectly complete game without being a Patron. That said, if you are a Patron, your tier benefits are being upgraded, and you can read more about them here. 

I'm off to work on some more Infinite Stars content! <3 Have a fantastic week!

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will patreon exclusive content be available for mac users?

Yes :) 

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I already downloaded the steam version just haven't played it yet. Too many of my favorite space vn's well almost all updated on the same day so had to download and update them all.  So what's the difference between itch version and steam version? 


Right now the Steam version has all the new content. The itch version is still the old build missing a ton of stuff. 

Once I release the itch version this week it will match the Steam version!