Devlog 2022-10-05 Itchio release - OUT NOW!

In keeping up with the constant changes that have been happening, here is ANOTHER non-Friday devlog. But it's a good one!

We're dropping the itch release today. Yup.

If you have been sulking in the dark while avoiding spoilers from your MacBook or Linux machine, you can step into the light! It's here! <3

If you're a Patron that has been wondering why exactly you are supporting Infinite Stars, I've got you covered also! The new Patreon build is up! It includes an additional EXCLUSIVE 5K words of branching content covering Khalil and Lebeny's intimate scenes. (Remember to turn adult content ON if you want to experience these scenes.)

If you enjoy this kind of content, play through it, and give me your opinion on this poll, so we know if we are on the right track.

We're working hard on Kiaria's intimate scene and Lochem's kissing + intimate scene, which should be adding another 10K words of romance. At the current pace, you should be able to play it before the end of the month. <3

We're constantly adding minor stuff to Episode 3, all of which have the potential to break your save. I hate doing it, but it does significantly improve the game. (More save-game-breaking content that we plan to release this month is the option for you to have more control over how your character appears in the text.)

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Mac user here - I WAS indeed sulking. Called us right out~ ;P Kidding, but Congrats on all your hard work with this release!!! I'm an Andromeda Six transplant and I'm Really into the story/characters/world building you're doing here. Gonna wait for intimate scenes to be complete (we are ADULTS, DAMMIT) - but can't wait to play! Thank you again for all your effort and perseverance ! <3