Devlog 2022-10-12

Another midweek update!

First, to all the NEW-new-new Patrons, welcome! We're on 99 monthly supporters. WOOHOO! One more to go! With this release, we have reached my personal goal of nearly doubling our monthly income. Once we hit $600 pm, I'll go celebrate with all of you in spirit. (It's not a huge amount, but got to have goals, right?) Oh, and M. Jeremiah, I saw your message, but I couldn't respond before Patreon suspended you. I don't know why they did what they did, but I'm sorry. Not sure if you will ever read this, but I saw you. <3

Now on to the fun stuff! If you aren't on the Discord server, you should be suffering from serious FOMO. Ask anyone that has been joining our work-along-chat channel. I'm not kidding or over-hyping. Let me show you some of the options we've added with all your help!

I've hinted in the past at some pretty big changes we'll be revealing on Patreon, so keep an eye out for a particular poll to appear. You'll know it when you see it! (Did you know you can follow a creator on Patreon without subscribing? Neat, huh?)

So, enough call to actions. Some changes that we've completed in the last week:

  • Added MC eye customization options. (Options created by Discordians)
  • Added MC hair customization options. (Options created by Discordians)
  • Added MC body customization options. (Options created by Discordians)
  • Halved the speed at which the cinematic intro text was displaying.
  • Added several more reaction/personality options.
  • Removed the flirting bug where Khalil and all the others just wouldn't take a hint.
  • Added some more minor animations like bobbing while walking. (more to follow)
  • Added two more MC backstories. (Options created by Discordians)

I'm off to continue working on Infinite Stars. I'll see you on Discord! <3

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Hi! A question if I may.

Do these dialogue choices (like "snarky" or "sincery" or any others) have consequences or they are purely cosmetic? Can they totally ruin relationship between MC and other characters and lock them out of romance?

Also, just a thought. I played the Steam version, and this last episode - I'd say it's perfect for the "people-oriented" MC, but looks a little bit out of character for the "task-oriented" MC.  I mean, it's a very emotional part, but task-oriented would be less emotional and more calculating, no? Sorry, don't want to sound critical :)

Not critical at all. <3

The choices have an effect on your Mah'Abeu's personality. It affects the flavour of certain scenes. An insecure MC will stutter more often, and be less assertive. When describing a scene or inner dialogue an optimistic MC will sound more hopeful. They might notice the hope amongst the chaos, where a pessimistic MC will only notice the destruction and futility. There is still lots of room for improvement.

The Mah'Abeu Mahtahr (Task orientated MC) does need some more love! Come join the Discord server and let me know which scenes you feel needs a more calculating response, and we'll code them together! <3


Literally just started playing 2 hours ago, and this update is all I've ever wanted. Will be heading over to the patreon uwu.



If all goes according to plan, I'll be dropping the Patreon build this Friday with the customization options. I'm working day and night to include Kiaria's intimate scene along with it, but we'll see.

The current Patreon build already has Khalil and Lebeny's exclusive intimate scenes. <3


Hello! Just replayed the game and was wondering, Is ( or will be)  Veera a romance-able character?


Yes! A thousand times yes. You'll be able to pursue every single character you've met thus far, excluding Katya and Cleo.