Devlog 2022-10-14

It is officially Friday, and you can take that to the bank!

I know I'm beating this horse, but it's not dead yet. We've been having so much fun working together on Discord that I almost forgot to post this devlog. If that's not proof of how much FOMO you should be suffering from, I don't know what else to do.

On the dev side, today and yesterday have been slower due to a sudden influx of day job work, but we still managed to put in around 6 hours a day working on Kiaria's intimate scene and some fluff and cutesy scenes.

We're also ready to share the fruits of our labour; a new Patreon build filled with sweet, sweet customization options. You can be whoever you want to be in Infinite Stars. A shy prodigy born into wealth who likes to roll his eyes when people annoy them, sure. An innocent and brave leader who never says anything harsh but swears like a sailor when he stubs his toe, we've got that too. But now you can take it even further by establishing your looks...

Perhaps your ladykiller mc has long dark hair that flows in the wind while they lithely run from one love interest to another? Or maybe your mc's healthy appetite is showing through a bit of plumpness– they might think you're a softie, but one glance from your deep brown disapproving eyes makes them think twice!

It's still early days with the new customization additions, but it is showing a lot of potential to make your story more unique!

Oh, patrons can play with these new options right now by following this link!

I'm off to get some sleep, but have fun and be kind to one another.

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