Devlog 2022-10-21

Can you hear that? Off in the distance? It's the sound of Friday!!

To all the new Patrons (again <3), Welcome!!

We were on $699 per month yesterday, and I was planning on using that to see if we couldn't tick over to $700 with just ONE MORE pledge, but alas, all of you are too awesome, and I never got the chance!

I've been hinting at a game changing poll, and it's here. If you haven't voted yet, you're running out of time. The very look and feel of the game depends on your input.

On the personal side, my brother returned to Germany yesterday :( But an old friend is visiting from China :) - life is all about balance, I guess.

Discord has been busy (They're watching me as I type this... Hi Dae.) and productive. So many changes thanks to all of your input during the live dev sessions.

This week we've implemented the new hair colour options, we've added additional flirting options with Khalil during the scene where the lights explode, and we've added some other minor flavour texts as demanded by all of you. We've also increased the transparency on the status indicators during the final scene.

Oh! If you love that warm "found-family" feeling, we've been playing Jackbox Party games at the end of the work day to wind down. Come join Discord. Come find your family.

Oh. I almost forgot. New Patreon build is up! <3

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