Devlog 2022-10-28

Friday! (Right, I'm not feeling it today, but that's OK. You can still get in the mood!)

It's been a busy week with Brickfair 2022 happening this weekend. I've been running around trying to get everything ready. I'm taking the lead for the fundraiser for Rainbows and Smiles this weekend. They do amazing work for children with Cancer, and it's an honour to be supporting them. If you are in the Pretoria (South Africa) area this weekend, pop in and see some amazing Lego builds. I promise to take your money and enter you into the raffle. (It's for a good cause! Anyone can enter, but you'll probably have to pay for shipping if you win and live overseas.)

But let's get to the real reason why you are here. Infinite Stars.

We recently had the super important poll about the future of Infinite Stars' art style. It was close, but we decided to stick with Zaph's art style. We've already started collecting reference images for the Captain Tier Patrons and their custom Mah'Abeu Portrait.

We've also started the drawing process for two more Cephilusk pirate characters and a new crew member, which will be revealed soonish. :vibrating excitedly:

Miku has delivered the first batch of casual wear for the crew, and you can see Mayvheen's lovely outfit here. (Patron's only - I'm sorry :( I try not to link anything paywalled in the devlogs)

Soki has started coding the additional UI stuff that will allow you to pick your portrait image for your character, as well as some more info screens that we can use for all the newly added customization options. She is also working on fixing the UI for the android build

Stoffies has been drawing some of the smaller items, like Lebeny's flower and the mural options.

The live dev streams have continued to be very successful. We started coding Kiaria's intimate scene, we're nearly done editing Lochem's intimate scene, and we've made some progress with wrapping up the final few scenes for Episode 3.

And we also received our first TWO negative Steam reviews. :( Am I real dev now? Am I?

Thanks for all your support and kindness. I wake up each morning to 1-2 new Patrons, and I celebrate each and every one of you. (We're almost on $800 a month. Can you believe it? I can't!) I don't deserve it, but your support fills my heart with warmth and excitement. I honestly enjoy spending my days working on this project with all of you!

That's it for now! I'll probably start another live stream in an hour or two, since I won't be able to work on Infinite Stars over the weekend. So let's make today count!

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This had me pleasantly surprised. The writing is well-done, the art style has a unique charm, and the music is excellent. I only downloaded the game because it reminded me of Mass Effect (I wonder if you guys played it..) and now I'm interested! I don't want to get my hopes too high however because VNs on this site usually either get abandoned or get stuck in hiatus hell. Wish you all the best of luck in continuing this game.

(P.S. - I'm definitely doing two routes for both Khalil and Lochem that's for sure.)


Thanks Momo! I understand about getting your hopes up, but we've got a pretty good track record (Just check our weekly devlogs over the past 2 years) Unless something major and unforeseen happens, we'll be creating Infinite Stars together for a long time to come! (And I mean TOGETHER, you should hop into Discord and join one of the daily work-along streams!)

Perhaps I would join the server when I can I find the time! I have a question though regarding my current playthrough. When MC and Khalil finally kissed, the scene continues for a bit then turns black. Suddenly, I have Kiaria banging at my door. I was wondering if this is how it is supposed to play out because it just seems a bit too unusual for me.. I feel like I've done something wrong..


When will you be updating the game? just excited. good game btw


Just wanted to ask a little question about the portraits! You say we'll be able to select our portrait. But is that mandatory, or can we just not select one? At this point I have a fairly detailed image of my MC in my mind, so it would be strange to suddenly have to pick a premade portrait. I'm sure they will be lovely, but if it's not something that I've played with since the first playthrough, I sadly can't get used to it.


It won't be mandatory at all <3

BUT you will also be able to add your own custom portrait to the game if all goes well. 

Oh this is SO GREAT! Thank you very much! Both for the answer and for such an awesome feature!

Also sorry for the late answer - had a busy week!