Devlog 2022-11-11

It's Friday, and I'm super excited about this one! Going to spend some family time together while celebrating 2x Birthdays over the next week.

We're still sort of mending after being sick. I'm much better and almost back to my regular routine, but my wife is battling a bit more than I did. She is "better" though.

Had to spend the majority of my time catching up with day job work this week, and I suspect next week will be the same when I return from our family trip.

I did manage to do a bit of editing and writing for Infinite Starts, but the majority of my time went towards dealing with artists and design feedback. We are adding four more portraits + variations to the game today based on selfies or OCs by our Patrons on the Captain tier. It's our version of "Name in the Game" rewards. (If you want yours to be in the game, hit that Patreon Captain subscribe button!)

(^ Not the final artwork)

I really wanted to release a new Patreon build today since we've made quite a few changes, but I'd have to cut some unfinished content from the build to do so, which seems counterproductive. Hang in there, we will have a new build out closer towards the end of the month!

Zaph is replacing his drawing tablet and should start working on the next two Cephilusk designs this weekend. Elyda, who has been drawing the portraits (and Lindi), has been rushing to have the current batch done before I leave for my family trip a little later today.

Stay safe, and be kind this weekend!

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I absolutely had to leave a comment after finishing the latest update! What an emotional rollercoaster -- I have so many thoughts and feelings and I am truly typing this with tears in my eyes at how Real everything felt. I'm loving everything about this game so far !! You're doing such as amazing job !! Yelling more words of praise at you from Cape Town <3 

And now I have tears in my eyes. Thanks for the kind and uplifting words. They definitely inspire and encourage me on days when I feel a little lost!