Devlog 2023-05-20

It's Friday! (OK, it's not but give me a second!)

It's been a crazy few days, mostly because our firstborn was– well– born. We brought her home on Friday, and while the intention was to do a devlog yesterday, there just wasn't enough time. (Instead I'm now writing one while she is sleeping on my chest.)

I've been prepping Infinite Stars for her arrival over the last few months, as I didn't want to lose the momentum we had gained until now. Stoffies and Tae are happily drawing away, making good progress. The additional writer has been such a blessing! Two heads are better than one, and I wish I had had the budget from the beginning!

On to actual progress:

  • Medsec BG is almost done. It's taking longer than usual, but I've seen the WiP artwork, and it'll be worth the wait.
  • Tae has been working on the character art for Andreas (and a few more crew members.) I know sexy is subjective, but I think some of the ladies (and gents) are going to swoon over him.
  • We're working on the possibility to include little artwork pop-ups in the game for key items. I don't want to say much more until everything is confirmed and finalised, but it is looking promising.
  • On the writing side (phew!):
    • We're getting the first ever MxM content, starting with Khalil's intimate scene.
    • We've earnestly started working in Veera's romance arc/scenes.
    • We've finished a flirting scene with Lochem, a precursor that will probably lead to his intimate scene which is still being polled. (If you haven't voted yet, you should do so! Anyone can vote.)
    • Some fluff scenes where you can play some "Liridian" with Matthias.
    • Some "empty room" content (like Aeroponics and Medsec) for the Gym.
    • A short just for fun, non canon scene illustrated by Stoffies and named "Dirty Khalil."

As you can see, even though I've had to step back for a bit, we're still making tons of progress. I'm hoping to have the content coded and ready for a Patreon release on the 26th, followed by our next public release on the 2nd of June.

Have a great rest of your weekend! <3

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Hiya and wonderful news despite learning this just now and commenting for first time here and reading dev logs for first time today im terrible i know sorry and unfortunately i must bring up  an issue idk how to handle where with lastest update i cant load a previous save cause the game cant rollback due to a "change in the script" i dont mean to bother with this just want to know if i made a mistake or i should just start-over both okay with me anyway stay safe and happy you and everyone who worked on this beautiful game!


Thanks for all the kind words!

Yes, we had to change our story controller, and this unfortunately broke older saves. Much like the change in art direction, I know losing saves sucks, and it wasn't an easy decision.

Changes like these will however allow us to continue working on and expanding Infinite Stars in new directions for years to come! <3

(Sorry for taking so long to reply. I started typing this message 12 hours ago, and just realized I never finished it!)


OHMGOSH - CONGRATS!!! (image of baby bop sleeping on your chest left me sof~) Such fabulous news - wishing health and happiness to you + loved ones! <3




Congrats on becoming a parent! I wish you and your little one lots of sweet bonding time in the upcoming months!

And I hope you can find a few hours to sleep here and there.


Congratulations on the new arrival ! 


Congratulations on the new family member! (and I think you meant 2023 in your devlog year).


Thanks and oops! A little sleep deprived.